Textgain | BE

Textgain is a language technology spin-off company from the University of Antwerp that develops AI to address societal challenges, such as online hate, discrimination, radicalisation and extremism. We collaborate internationally with NGOs, journalists, academics and law enforcement.

Media Diversity Institute | UK

The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) is an international non-profit organisation that advocates to lessen conflict, advance human rights and support deeper public understanding of social diversity. MDI currently manages the Get the Trolls Out! programme which uses social media campaigns to counter religious hate across Europe.

University of Hildesheim | DE

The University of Hildesheim conducts interdisciplinary research on hate speech online by bringing together computer science, linguistics and political science. The research group has extensive experience with machine learning approaches and analysis of ideological content on social media, in particular right-wing extremism and sexism.

University of Antwerp | BE

The University of Antwerp’s research group MiOS studies how individuals use media and media technology, in particular the causes and effects of online aggression. The group provides theoretical frameworks and practical strategies to prevent, detect and intervene to first-line practitioners and technology developers.

St Lucas School of Arts | BE

The St Lucas School of Arts’ research group EMRG focuses on an evidence-based approaches to ground artistic output in scientific evidence, combined with recent technological advancements, with a specific interest in visual counternarratives.


EMMA is a research agency that focuses on social network analysis using quantitative and qualitative approaches, with a particular interest in the role and position of governments and civil society organisations.